Hottest Holiday Trends in Motocross Apparel

Trying to stay up to date on what’s hot in motocross apparel and don’t know where to start? Start with Motoxtremes! We carry a variety of big names like Metal Mulisha, DC, Vans, Alpinestars, etc at competitive prices. Motoxtremes has put together a list of the hottest trends in motocross apparel for the holiday season.

Trend #1: Wfox-racing-mogul-sasquatch-zip-fleece-mxarm hoodies made out of fleece material.

Trending: Fox Racing Mogul Sasquatch Zip Fleece

Why we love it:

We love this Fox Racing fleece hoodie because unlike other sweatshirts, this comes with a faux fur lining to provide extra warmth for the colder months.

Similar trending items: Volcom Logan Lined Zip Fleece, Hurley Dri-Fit Zip Fleece, Metal Mulisha Real Ruts Fleece Zip





Trend #2: Beanies with Logo patches

Trending: Volcom Full Stone Beanie

Why we love it:

Who doesn’t love a warm beanie to keep your head warm during the fall and winter season? Don’t just wear any beanie. Let people know what you are wearing. You need to a ribbed beanie with the Volcom logo patch.

Similar trending items: Oakley Factory Flip Beanie, Metal Mulisha Shield Beanie, Oakley Reversible Cuff Beanie



Trend #3: Dark Denim Jeans

Trending: Fox Racing Garage Jeans

Why we love it:fox-racing-garage-jeans

These relaxed fit jeans will have you stand out with its bleach stone wash color. You will relax in comfort because these high quality jeans are made of 100 percent cotton.

Similar trending items: Volcom Nova Solver Denim Jeans 

Motoxtremes is your one stop shop for all of the hottest holiday trends in authentic motocross apparel. If you are looking for an item online and we don’t have it, you can request the item through our contact us form. Like us on Facebook! We post coupons all of the time.

Proper ATV Riding Gear

Riding an ATV can be an extreme experience. The adrenaline that runs through your body as you navigate your course, riding through the wind, and feeling free. Prior to starting up your ATV for a ride, you want to ensure that you have dressed in proper ATV riding safety gear, protecting you if an accident were to take place. Here are some very crucial elements of ATV riding gear designed with your safety and comfort in mind.

  • Riding Helmets

    Fox Racing V1 Matte Black Helmet

A helmet is one of the most obvious pieces of protective riding gear, not only for ATV riders but for those who ride motorcycles or dirt bikes as well. Well known riding helmets such as Fox Racing helmets, Thor helmets, or Fly Racing helmets are designed with your utmost protection and comfort in mind.

The importance of wearing a helmet is not just to protect you in the event of a fall, although that is a very important aspect. Helmets from MotoXtremes also protect your head from flying debris such as rocks or dirt, as well as protecting your nose, mouth, ears or eyes from foreign objects. Some helmets are designed to protect your entire face as well as your head, while others may require you to wear protective goggles to obtain maximum protection of your face and eyes.

One of the main purposes of ATV protective riding boots is to provide you with a better support and grip, offering more control during riding or racing.  You may notice when you ride that your legs are fairly close to the motor. Riding boots protect your legs from the extreme temperatures of your ATV’s motor. If you were to crash or get into an accident, your protective riding boots would also help absorb shock from the impact.

Depending on they types of riding trails you frequent, may determine what they best type of boot is right for you. Some boots are designed with thermal protection in the event of extreme cold. Some performance boots are designed to reflect any water, ensuring that your feet stay dry. Be sure to take your riding destinations into consideration when selecting the perfect pair of riding boots for yourself. There is full selection of protective boots for women and men.

Often times when riding or racing, we hit high speed levels, rough terrain, or other unexpected elements that can cause accidents, or even being thrown from your ATV or bike. Ensuring that you have the proper protective gear on can potentially save your life. There are many elements of protective gear such as:

Chest Protectors

Fly Racing Evolution Race Gloves

Neck Braces

-Riding Shorts

Knee or Shin Guards

-Kidney Belts


Riding gloves are also a very important riding gear accessory. Not only do they protect your hands in the event of a fall, but while riding, they protect your skin from blistering providing comfort to your hands. There are a variety of gloves for you to choose from. Each type of gloves offers different features such as ventilation, grip, or material. Finding the perfect glove will enhance your riding experience.

One of the biggest mistakes that amateur riders make is riding in shorts and t-shirts.  At any point something could go wrong, and not properly protecting your skin can cause severe damage such as burns, cuts, road rash, or other severe injury. Riding pants or jerseys are designed to protect your skin, while maintaining a comfortable temperature for your body. The ventilation in the jersey material offers for great airflow and moisture resistance.

Regardless of how far you will be riding or how much experience you have it is not at all recommended to ride without the proper gear for riding. At MotoXtremes we offer a wide selection of riding gear for men, women, or kids. Shop online now and save 10% off your order using the code MXFAN10







Save Big With This Stylish Men’s Look!

Here at MotoXtremes, we make it easy to be warm and stylish at the same time. Check out these cool brand name items that look nice but are also on sale.

fox-racing-terrain-zip-fleeceCold weather does not always require a coat or jacket. You can stay warm and stylish with a hoodie or sweatshirt. One of our most popular, new fall items, our Fox Racing Terrain Zip Fleece is perfect for wet or cold weather and 100% polyester. The zipper gives you an option of having your jacket open or zipped to control your body temperature.  Not only does it look nice, but it also includes an interior media port!  Save 10% for a limited time!Alpinestars Spencer Classic tee

Do you overheat easily or just like to show off? If so, you can unzip your hoodie and expose a fashionable Alpinestars Spencer Classic Tee. The green gradient design goes perfectly with the hint of green on the Fox Racing Terrain Zip Fleece. It will keep your body looking good and your pockets happy because it is 100% cotton and 12% off right now!


Versaflex 2 Shoes Black GradientWhat’s a perfect outfit without the perfect shoes? To complete this look you will want to have the DC Versaflex 2 Shoes Black Gradient and right now you can save $45.00 dollars off of the original price.

Check out this week’s top selling items for other great looks!

Back to School Savings!

Unfortunately for many school aged kids, summer is pretty close to being over. Soon your kids will be begging you for all of the newest trends in back to school clothes. We are offering a HUGE back to school sale this year until September 1st.

We have also stocked our shelves with tons of brand new apparel. Highly anticipated Fox Racing Hoodies, Pull Ups, or Zip Ups are here! If you want the hottest back to school clothing, backpacks, or accessories, this is a sale you wont want to miss!back-to-school-sale


Benefits Of Wearing Sunglasses And Key Features To Look For When Riding


Are you outside a lot? Walking, biking, playing outdoor games and even just driving? Well we hope so! But, have you been squinting more? We notice while doing all the things we love in this wonderful summer season we are doing these silly things to keep the sun out of our eyes.  Most people do not realize just how important wearing sunglasses is.

A Few Reasons to Wear Sunglasses in Sunny Weather:

  1. Risk of developing Cataracts – One of the main causes of cataracts are long-term exposure to UV rays.
  2. Helps protect the skin underneath from Cancer and wrinkles forming on the forehead and eyes (crows feet) from squinting.
  3. Sunburn of the eye (Photokeratitis) – A temporary painful sunburn causing blurred vision, light sensitivity and irritation to the eye.
  4. Macular Degeneration – UV light over time can damage the area of the high where millions of light sensing cell are to allow us to see fine lines. This can lead to vision loss.

While there are many advantages to wearing sunglasses, there are important features you want to be looking for when buying a pair.

Features of sunglasses you should be looking for:

  1. UV  Radiation – Most sunglasses offer protection against UVA and UVB radiation, some lenses have an ability to absorb UV light but most are added. People riding at high altitudes like skiers or mountain bike/motocross riders should consider the atmosphere is thin and light is reflected off snow.
  2. Frames – Nylon and Plastic are the safer, O Matter® material are more durable than metal.
  3. Shields around frames – Frames that have extended wrapped frame geometry and sunglasses that offer wraparound frame and lenses allows for the best side (peripheral) vision, this is very important for riders to move safely while riding and in traffic. They also help keep wind out of eyes and allow enough air circulation to prevent fogging.

Our selection of Oakley Sunglasses offer these key features, along with our other brands of sunglasses like Sky, Electric and FOX , click here and take advantage of our 20% off sunglasses.

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Father’s Day-Free Shipping on Everything!

Father’s Day is gradually approaching and soon, it will be here. What better way to surprise your dad than to get him his favorite t-shirt, jacket, or hat brand from MotoXtremes? Anywhere from Oakley and Alpinestars to Fox and Racecraft…we have it all! Not to mention that there’s free shipping on everything right now! Who would resist that?

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Catch the Savings for Mother’s Day!

Are you still in need of something to get your mom for Mother’s Day? We have recently reduced the prices on some of our hottest sunglasses for women! What better time to take advantage of our outstanding discounts or closeouts on top of the line products!

We have taken 15% off of our inventory of Spy Women’s Libra Sunglasses! Perfect for everyday wear, fashion, and even sports, these glasses are extremely versatile. Also reduced are our Spy Farrah Sunglasses! Spy Farrah Sunglasses will protect 100% of the suns UV exposure and are also shatter resistant. Spy Sunglasses are top of the line when looking for high quality sunglasses as an accessory. Both styles are available in multiple options.

While picking up a pair of sunglasses for mom, be sure to look around for yourself. We have a full line of men’s wear, kid’s items, as well as other must haves for mom!

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