The new A-5 S V2 Youth Chest Protector is a Level 2 CE/UKCA certified detachable floating Polyhedron Hybrid Technology chest protector. With an adaptive viscoelastic Level 2 CE/UKCA certified back protector, Level 1 CE/UKCA shoulder protectors, and contoured bio-foam rib guards, the A-5 s V2 offers superb upper body impact protection, freedom of movement and ventilation. On the inner side of the outer shell, the A-5 s V2 has a perforated impact grid which is both the second line of protection in the hybrid structure, and which offers enhanced airflow to reduce heat buildup under the protector. The dual-zone chest protector, while having a rigid central zone, has a flexible soft compound around the perimeter backed by a soft bio-foam padding which works as an adaptive system that molds to the chest. The central zone of the chest protector directly behind highly perforated impact grid is completely open to allow for maximum ventilation. The new highly perforated Level 2 CE/ UKCA certified back protector is constructed from a flexible and adaptive viscoelastic material offering superb ventilation and weight-saving properties. The chest and back protectors are securely held in via place adjustable shoulder straps. Lower securement is via the easy-connect buckles and V-straps that also secures the rib guards in place. The V-straps spreads the tightening force over a wider area of the back protector resulting in a more secure and comfortable fit. The rib guards offer additional coverage in critical areas. The A-5 s V2 Youth Chest Protector features Level 1 CE/UKCA certified removable viscoelastic shoulder protectors mounted on a soft-touch foam padding and is attached to the main chassis with hook and loop patches. The elastic upper arm adjustment straps keep the shoulder protectors securely in place.


SHOULDER PROTECTORS: EN 1621-1:2012 Level 1
BACK PROTECTOR: EN 1621-2:2014 Level 2
CHEST PROTECTOR: EN 1621-3:2018 Level 2
Lightest CE Level 2 Chest Protector in its class
17% of the protector structure consist of ventilation apertures and are aligned through both layers of the hybrid layers to ensure maximum ventilation
Super ventilated with channeling directing heat build-up away from the chest
Viscoelastic back protector is highly adaptive, ventilated, and flexible + YNS compatible via removable puck panel and elasticated YNS pull tabs.
V-straps on the back protector makes for a more adaptive fit
Easy connect side straps, adjustable shoulder straps and detachable shoulder protectors provide for a customizable fit and quick closure

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Weight 36 oz